Innovative compound form made from renewable resources of modified maize starch(non-GMO) thermoplastic (TPS) and other biodegredable polyesters such as  PLA.

Main Applications:

This biodegredable polymer formulated for film extrusion. EN13432  and   ASTM D 6400 and mainly applicable to blow molding processing of film products.

Typical applications is the production of packaging films, single use bags, shopping bags, carrier bags, courier bags, compost bags and industial packages.

This biodegredable polymer can be processed excellently on blown film LDPE extrusion lines, sheet film extrusion lines without any special requirements apart from lower extrusion temperature. The film produced with biodegredable polymer can be printable without pretreatment.

Packing: 25 kg PE-ALU inliner bags

Shelf Life:

For Granules; 12 months from date of loading under proper storage conditions

For Film;  within 6 month

Technical Properties:

Appearance: White  to  Light  Yellowish   

Granules Form: Pellet