Biodegradable Polymer

The innovative biopolymer made from renewable resources and suitable for blown and cast film applications with good
mechanical properties, good surface characteristics, and better printing performance without pretreatment.

Typical applications are the production of packaging films, single-use bags, blown film, cast film, t-shirt bags, shopping bags, carrier bags, courier bags, compost bags, and industrial packages.

The biodegradable polymer can be processed excellently on blown film extrusion lines, cast film extrusion lines, sheet film extrusion lines without any special requirements apart from lower extrusion temperature.



Biodegradable Tshirt Bag / Vest Carrier Bag / Grocery Bag

Biodegradable Tshirt Bag / Vest Carrier Bag/ Grocery Bags in bulk and roll form with a wide range of sizes and thickness depending on customer request.