PET Plastics

Hot Washed Recycled PET Flakes

Main applications of Hot Washed Recycled PET Flakes are:

  • PET Bottle Production
  • Thermoform PET Sheet Productions
  • Fiber Productions

Technical Properties are:

  • Separated by color ( mix of light blue and clear)
  • PVC Content:< 50 ppm
  • Size:8-12 mm
  • Humidity:%0,4
  • Density:280-350 g/lt
  • Packing: Big bags

PET Sheet in Roll 

  • % 100 Original A-PET or,
  • Mix of %100  Original A-PET with Recycled R-PET depending on customer requirement

The main application of PET Sheet in Roll is:

  • Thermoform Food Packages and Boxes
  • Faceshield Productions
  • Folding Boxes

Technical Properties:

  • Thickness cutting dimensions of the sheets may vary,
  • The thickness and an inner core of the roll and roll weight may vary,
  • Antifog properties may be added 

depending on customer requirements.