Serpil Acar Consulting and ForeignTrade Ltd. specialized in the food and plastic industry with 15 years of personal experience in the food industry and 30 years family experience in the recycling and plastic industry.

Its main focuses are:

1. Introducing local producers and products to the international markets
2. Finding the right suppliers for each product group and customer profile in the international market
3. Providing great global customer service that will lead to a strong and sustainable long term partnership

Its main services are:

1. Indentifying right market of products and right products for market with trend spotting skills
2. Handling and sourcing rules and regulations (trade, custom, product, labels etc.) of the international and domestic markets
3. Managing the production process better to meet required product specifications and provide high-quality products at competitive prices
4. Coordination of production, custom and logistic operations to deliver goods on agreed time schedule
5. Doing inspection of products that you already import & export from your own supplier & customer


We strive to emphasize our business growth by developing our sales and supplies in new and potential global markets.

We believe that a person-to-person approach is critical in understanding and meeting the needs of customers and suppliers as well as the market that allow us to gain the trust and loyalty of customers and suppliers across Turkey and all over the World.

We believe being flexible and providing a personal touch with every interaction goes a lot further in ensuring to grow business together.

We are dedicated to build strong relationships with suppliers and customers that will allow us to understand customer requirements better to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and add new customers to our growing inventory by having good reputations in industry.